ERBHOF - "Der Ausnahmebulle des genomischen Zeitalters" ist Geschichte

ERBHOF - "The exceptional bull of the genomic age" is history

Jun. 08, 2020

Unfortunately we have to announce that ERBHOF 10/166911 had to be euthanized on Saturday 23rd of May after a spinal injury. We feel that it is a big loss for Bayern-Genetik GmbH. ERBHOF was not only the best bull of Bayern-Genetik according to GZW, he also had a very interesting pedigree. His performance in times of genomics was outstanding and supported the philosophy of Bayern-Genetik.
The first genomic values of ERBHOF were GZW 123 and MW 120 but Bayern-Genetik purchased this bull because of his outstanding pedigree and the high quality on the female side. Despite of a depreciation of -17 in GZW and -13 in MW he increased his real values to GZW 134 and MW 125 today.
Especially in the genomic era we have to find the „true“ bulls. We highly rely on bulls which show such a development because they are able to improve your herd.
Our recommendation: ERBHOF is a bull in the AS-Type so use the the remaining straws on more robust cows to get the Perfect Match.