Votary P*S - Legends never die

Votary P*S - Legends never die


Recently, one of the figureheads of Bayern-Genetik and co-founder of the current polled breeding had to leave us at the age of 11.5 years - Votary P*S.

Bred from the well-known G strain from the Bachmaier, Lehndobl farm, Votary P*S has taken polled breeding to a new level. Above all, his conformation inheritance and his good calving characteristics coupled with great fertility figures made him so popular with our members that his sperm has always been in high demand to this day. Unfortunately, his sperm quality has deteriorated significantly in recent years, meaning that his genes could not spread further in a direct way.

Over 60,000 calves were born from Votary in Bavaria alone, over 16,000 daughters were included in the international performance test, of which almost 3,000 daughters were linearly described.
31 sons and 30 grandchildren will carry on his legacy. Bayern Genetik has two of the best sons available to you: Vidi Pp* and Vici Pp*.

Many thanks to the stable team at Bayern-Genetik, who looked after his well-being every day.

The Bayern-Genetik GmbH team