The new mating app

Selfmate is the first individual mating APP for the Fleckvieh breed in pure breeding and crossbreeding. It can be used and operated independently by every dairy farmer worldwide.

Lucas Fritzer gives a short introduction to the most important advantages of the App.

Now available in the App-Stores of Google and Apple
or as desktop version for editing on a PC.

How to import your cows on the webversion:

To import cows please use the .csv file (Selfmate-Import-File) below. Please fill the file and use the import function on the Selfmate webversion.

The meaning of the columns is explained below. Only the column Eartag is mandatory. All other information is editable in the application.



ID Farm internal identification number of the cow
Name Name of the cow
Eartag Eartag of the cow
Date of birth Birthday of the cow
R No data needed
G No data needed
Sire Herdbooknumber Bavarian sire herdbooknumber
Sire name Name of the sire
Sire Eartag Eartag of the sire

Selfmate - a short description



The cow list

All female animals of the farm are displayed in the cowlist. With a click on the "+" you can easily add new animals. With a click on the "x" animals can be deleted from the list.


Single animal view

In addition to name, number and pedigree, a type class for the animal is suggested. The type class can be adjusted using the bar. Mating foci can be selected. With a click on "Mating" the calculation is started.


The perfect mating

For each mating, inbreeding, hereditary defects, performance and exterior criteria as well as the unique type value are taken into account. The order of the bulls is based on the characteristics entered. For each bull, the expected type of the future calf is calculated.